Ron Paul and the Oystermen

Today I must have spent two hours obtaining the proper forms to ‘import’ oyster seed from Maine.  New York law requires any non New York hatchery to provide a health report about the oysters they want to ship into New York.  It’s understandable that we want to safeguard our waters, but, having waited now for over a year for my hatchery permit to be approved – or most likely denied – I’ve grown deaf to the justifiable arguements about controlling the baymen, oystermen, fishermen, and our clients the restaurants and seafood markets.

I would guess that the total dollar amount of the salaries of the DEC is higher than the dollar amount of the fish and shellfish landed.  I wish every state agency had to post their budget and salaries on their website.

Not that I’m a Republican.  Tomorrow I’m donating a bag of oysters to an event to re-elect Tim Bishop to Congress. He’s a decent enough man, even though he has yet to keep his promise to me to write a letter of support to the DEC for my hatchery.  I mean, we are in a four year recession and all I want to do is hire people to build it and hire more local kids to staff it.  And, how are ten million more oysters in the bay going to hurt anyone?

It does make me listen to Ron Paul.  Compared to the other baymen, I’m relatively sane about the DEC.  They are livid.

Hopefully, the hatchery in Maine will receive approval next week to ship me another 300K spat.  That brings me up to one million.



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