Kingfishers are back

Start song! Mockingbird

A pair of kingfishers flew into the creek this afternoon.  Friends stopped by to pay our daughter for watering their plants while they were gone.  We sat on the back porch and watched the kingfishers.  They have a very noticable chatter.  Also, terns dipped into the shallow water for herring, ospreys soard over the bay, mockingbirds and robins sang, egrets sailed overhead and doves rustled in the bush.

Rowed at sunset with Isabel.  The birds all reappeared.  The tranquility of the creek and the perfect motion of the rowboat force one to realize what a special place this is.  The oysters are zooming.  Water temperature is a very warm 76 already – a point we don’t usually reach until mid August.  In the back of my mind, the threat of a hurricane  roaring in over the breakwater to devastate this idyll gnaws at me.


Who can hold back the tides or the storms?  I puffed on my homegrown tobacco while Isabel rowed a few laps of the creek – my eyes following the rapid flights of the kingfisher pair from tree limb overhanging Widow’s Hole to pilings to the mast of our new oyster boat.


Expecting another half million seed next week.  Will do a volume measurement tomorrow.  Expect about 50 to 1 growth since May.  Glad I was able to buy that 700K early.


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