Summertime Living

Start song! Hot Fun In The Summertime

Heat and growth:  while the rest of the country is either on fire or baking, we are cooking our baby oysters in the nursery system.  Last week we saw a 50:1 growth since midMay, with each week the oyster spat doubling in volume.  Over half our seed, which was 1 mm in May, now retains on a 10 mm mesh.  We’ll re-measure again tomorrow.

Ordered another 300K this morning, should be here Tuesday.  We’ll have both upwellers fired up.

Meanwhile, our garden is producing greens and beans at a rate we can longer keep up with.  When I see a neighbor walk by, we stuff them with lettuce and bok choy.

New oyster boat is legal.  Should go out and get some porgies soon.  Have to work up the courage to take her out into the Gut for stripers.  She’s waiting at the dock, ready to fly.



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