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Start song! Guantanamera


We sold out of market-sized oysters last week. With a fine dust of snow on the ground, we have a few months to repair damage from the hurricane and get ready for spring. I’ve ordered 2mm seed from a couple of hatcheries and am spawning my best growers at another.
We chpped and split firewood at Dean’s place yesterday and both wood stoves are aflame. Kids are reading, as I have been, and Isabel is working on an etching of our docks.
The DEC visited her last week, after denying for a third time our plans. We showed them potos of our tight working conditions and they were amenable to a much larger dock into the bay with a larger work platform on it.
Each year, we try to increase the yield from our small percel under water. Given the few years we’ve been in the business, we’re all proud of being of one New York’s growers of prized oysters.
The rest in the depth of winter is a reward in itself. We pulled out the small boat and have a light warming the engine of the newer one. Perhaps I’ll sally out and get some wild oysters after repairing the bulkheads and docks.

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