Full Spring Swing

Start song! Dont Mean a Thing

Awoke at 4:30 to the prenumbra of dawn.  Dressed quickly.  Isabel made coffee and we took it on the boat along with a box of frozen squid and a bag of frozen spearing.  By 5, Isabel had a line in the water.  By the time I had my line baited, she was reeling in a keeper fluke.

The ferry had yet to run from Shelter Island and I had a fish landed – too small to keep.  By six we were home and making breakfast for the kids.  Isabel wanted to cook the fluke but I had an omellette started.

Fog is rollling in and I’m wondering if I should water the  vegetables that are sprouting.  The garden is lovely – I pruned our dozen fruit trees, their petals drifting down like the forgotten winter snow.

Measured the spat in the upweller.  They’ve swelled from 1.5 liters to 2.25 in two weeks.  They are still a tiny 3-4 mm.  Have 500,000 that size.  Dean, the old baymen, says that now that the haygrass along the banks has sprouted, there’s algae for the shellfish.

We resume shipping to the city next week.  The oysters will be swelling their gonads until the July spawn and tasting creamy.

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