McMansions and Mega-Yachts kill the Bay

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Last week, Sag Harbor Cove was closed due to Red Tide, an algae harmful to humans.  Prior to that both Shinnecock Bay and Mattituck Inlet had been closed.  Since a ferry has been proposed to run from Sag to Greenport, I freaked.  Every time I saw a yacht, I shuddered.  Did it come from Sag?  What’s in its bildge.  Is Alexandrium, the red tide algae, in the water cooling its engines?  One of the nastier characteristics of Alexandrium is that it encysts and these cysts fall into the mucky bottoms of embayments ruined by over nitrofication and return to bloom every year.

I did some quick research and found a aerial photos of the Great South Bay and Quantuck Bay (between Quogue and West Hampton).  They are enough to make you puke.


It’s all from the nitrogen spilling into the bay from the bright green over-fertilized lawns and the septic tanks leeeching through underwater.  I now know why three car garages exist:  you need them for the three months out of the year you like there, spewing your nitrogen waste into the water and killing the bay.


Greenport has always had the cleanest water in the Peconic.  Eighty years ago, the oystermen built a sewer system to protect Greenport Harbor.  Odd, the poorest community has the sewer system and the mansions of the Hamptons just seep out nitrogen every day.  Then they fire up their mega yachts and bring their grimy bilge over here.


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