Blizzard Recovery

We had a two days warning for the blizzard, so spent Sunday, the proverbial calm before the storm, harvesting.  We then tied the boat up in the creek- to be lee of the 40-50 knot gusts of east wind – then stowed all loose gear away and clear off the new dock completely.

Then we watched the storm roll in, slowly and silently.  Isabel made white beans, kale and pork chops along with a sweet potato pie.  I loaded two days of wood by the stove.  The kids were sent home early.

We slept without the horrid thudding of waves into  our east facing seawall, so knew in our somnambulant state that the storm was not as bad as advertised.  Two feet of snow, however, covered our deck and lawn, drifts were six feet in places and the boat full to its gunwales with snow.  The forecast for temperatures plunging to single digits meant we had to shovel the cars and boat, and then move the boat to the big dock on the bay since the Widow’s Hole dock, though protected from the storm’s winds, would soon be thick with ice.

We borrowed an extra snow shovel from Bill Swiskey, noticing Pete and Sara and Josh Horton also shoveling their driveways in West Dublin – our section of Greenport named after the Irish immigrants who built the LIRR out to Greenport in the 1840′s.

Mercator shoveled out the van, while Susanna, Isabel and I loped through the drifts to the boat.  Drifts on the lee side of the creek swallowed me to my neck.  Susanna pulled me loose and we shoveled the fixed dock, ramp, floating dock and boat for 2 hours.  Mercator joined in, warmed up the engine and we steamed out of Widow’s Hole to our new, big dock in the bay, which was totally snow free due to its eastern exposure to the storm’s winds.  We tied up the boat, plugging in the engine heater and returned to the wood stove and a vat of hot chocolate.

I’m not sure how much longer the boat can stay in the water.  The ten day forecast dips into the single digits and does not rise above freezing.  We have one van load of oysters to run into the city and perhaps its time to call it until the March thaw.DSC_0052 DSC_0051 DSC_0048 DSC_0047

Isabel and Susanna shoveling, Merc warming the engine

Isabel and Susanna shoveling, Merc warming the engine


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