Steak with Oyster Sauce

Here at Widow’s Hole, we cook with our oysters.  Our ‘secret ingredient’ makes our meals delectable, and, we’ve found,  most can’t guess the secret. In this dish, our oysters come out on top  as the meal’s crowning glory.  Steak with oyster sauce means steak cooked with the liqueor of the Widow’s Hole Oysters:

  • Shuck 2- 3 oysters per oyster-eating person.  Strain and set aside liqueor.
  • Prepare your favorite vegetable & beef stir-fry recipe and to the beef when rarer than you prefer, add:
  •  the liqueor from the oysters.
  • Plate the steak and vegetables, make a well in the center and gently dump in the shucked oysters.

Our version, summertime: Marinate thinly sliced steak ( skirt/flank/ribeye) in soysauce, a splash of sesame oil, and generous pinches of white pepper. To your cooking pan swirl in some oil, a nob of ginger, thinly sliced, and a half of a Chinese pickled salted turnip,  finely diced.  When very hot, make a well in the center of the pan, pour in additional cooking oil, then into the very hot oil, dump the sliced steak. Resist stirring the mound of meat, instead let it sizzle like a large pancake.  As the meat becomes browned but not cooked to desired doneness, add garlic. Stir to fragment the meat.  Add oyster liqueor & wine. Integrate, then remove contents of pan to a holding dish. Reheat pan, add some oil and stir-fry vegetables. ( A proven tasty summertime veggie blend is chunky tomatoes, hardbeancurd , onions & basil. ) If necessary, add water/stock to ensure there’s plenty of gravy.  When bubbling, combine in the previously cooked meat mixture.  Plate, making a well for the warmed oysters. Top the oysters with fine shavings of lime zest.

Hurriedly bring the serving platter of Steak with Oyster Sauce to the table.  We’ve found that our lucky diners will involuntarily, and in unison, gasp at the sight … and moan when spooning out their portions of oysters.

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