A Thousand Thousands

We now have one million seed in the upweller.  Wall Street shorthand for that number is 1MM, or, a thousand times a thousand.  At one time, a million was a milestone number, a millionaire a wealthy person.  Although a million oyster seed may not generate riches, it is still a milestone.

Tomorrow morning we’ll sort the first batch of seed that I purchased in mid-May at 1mm.  We’ll run it through the French oyster sorter, La Trembler, and hope enough retains on 20 mm mesh that we can bag it up and move a substantial amount out into the bay.  That will make more room for the slower-growing little brothers and for the second batch of seed I put in three weeks ago.  That cohort is growing rapidly, doubling in volume each the first ten days I had them.

The very warm water temperature, 78 F, may be giving me some short term assistance.  But, worried about hurricanes that will not diminish as they travel up the eastern seaboard this year, I purchused shutters for all our eastern windows that overlook the bay.  Not that they will save the house, but I really don’t want to watch the normally tranquil bay rise up and smash this old house.  Since it has been here for 175 years, I don’t feel the need to abandon it during a storm, just button it up.

Tomorrow should be sunny and mild.  We’ll get a good look at our 1MM seed.


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