Welcome to Widow’s Hole Oyster Farm

” I Only Eat the Widow’s Hole Oyster “

Start song! Beyond The Sea



Twelve years ago, we sold our software firm. After a year of trying to retire, we discovered we owned 5 acres of bottom in Greenport Harbor, once New York’s oyster capital. Obtaining permits, we began growing oysters, taking them weekly into Manhattan. Through trial and error, advice from the Greenporters who remembered the past trade in oysters, and support from New York’s finest chefs, the Widow’s Hole Oyster has become one of the City’s favorites.

Our oysters are given the spa treatment, tended carefully by our entire family and brought to you the same day they are harvested. Enjoy a night out in New York and sample the results of a marriage of hard work and the taste of Greenport.


  1. Can you tell me a little more about the $30 a person tour? My husband & I, hailing from distance Long Beach (not California), have been coming to Greenport for years. While on bikes we came across your name on the side of a house (shed? now I don’t recall). And now we read about you in the Times…please tell me more! :)

  2. Can you tell me if you have any tours set up for next week? Thanks.

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