Mike Osinski

Start song! Louisiana-1927

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Documentary Videos, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles Featuring Mike Osinski:

( In List Order by country)


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Video Bringing NY Waters Back, aFood Curated Documentary, and James Beard Award Nominee

 Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 9.27.45 PMRadio Talk Show NPR All things Considered – Mike

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On the Bay New Yorker Profile of Mike

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Video ABC Good Morning America Jim Avilla


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NyTimes by Corey Killgannon

Video Kelly Choi Documentary – Mike & Oysters

Oysters Boom – Bloomberg

Made to Taste Haute Notes

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Thalassa French Documentary ( Thalassa is French TV , equivalent of 60 minutes, ‘of the sea’


Michael Osinski for Cleveland vs. Wall Street on TrailerAddict.

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Cleveland vs. Wall St. Swiss director -Documentary

Cleveland vs. Wall St – Variety Review (liked Mike’s performance!)

Cleveland vs Wall St – TRAILER of Mike

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Telegraph UK – Wall St Computer Whiz..

( need to upload)

NHK – prize-winning documentary( need to upload)
NHK year-end New Year followup ( need to upload)

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