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Widow’s Hole Oysters

Commissioner Ball, NYS Ags & Mkts and a busload enjoyed our farm tour

Commissioner Ball, NYS Ags & Mkts

Tour of Widow’s Hole:

We offer a hands-on explanation of how oysters are grown out to maturity, cleaned, sorted and harvested, by taking people out to our work platform 200 feet out into Greenport Harbor.  We also offer a brief synopsis of the history of oystering in Greenport and the peconic Bay while denoting the health benefits of oyster meats over any other types of animal protein.  We then show how oysters are raised from 1mm to 1 inch in our nursery system on floating docks in Widow’s Hole.  Included is a tour of the grounds.  If they are interested, people can buy and sample oysters, bring beverages to picnic and enjoy the scenery.

$30 pp. Group & student discounts

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  1. Kathie Cruickshank

    do you have any tours coming up

  2. I’m a chef looking who will be in the area on Dec. 3rd and would like to know more about your tour etc.

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